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Humanity Stands at the Precipice.

Marshall Vian Summers

“Humanity faces its greatest trials, its greatest dangers in a declining and depleted world. It faces now its greatest opportunity to finally cooperate beyond all the divisions of history, culture, religion and politics. It has this one great chance to unite to restore the world and to assure humanity a safer future than its past.

But I tell you it cannot do this without the power of God and the Revelation that God has sent into the world now to prepare humanity for the Great Change that is coming; a Great Change in the environment of the world and the economic realities of the world, a Great Change in the relations between nations, a Great Change that can undermine and disintegrate human civilization or a Great Change that can unite a diffractive humanity; unite it now for its preservation, unite it now because everyone in the world faces the same challenge.”

– Marshall Vian Summers, The Precipice

Interviews with Marshall Summers on World Change

The Great Waves Prophecy Interview with Marshall Vian Summers

September 20th, 2017|

Marshall, you present what you call the Great Waves prophecy. Could you tell us what this prophecy is and where it comes from? Marshall: The [...]

Teachings from Marshall Summers on World Change

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Books from Marshall Summers on World Change

Great Waves of Change book
Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers
Allies of Humanity by Marshall Vian Summers

About Marshall Vian Summers

In 1982, a series of profound revelations were received by Marshall Vian Summers in the deserts of the American Southwest. Ever since, this revelation has continued, growing ever wider in scope, producing more than 9,000 pages of received material.

Over the decades, a vast Revelation for humanity has unfolded, at times slowly and at times in great torrents. During many of these long years, he has had to proceed with the support of only a few individuals, not knowing what this growing Revelation would mean and where it would ultimately lead.

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