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Marshall regularly speaks to the world from his home in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The topics of these teachings range from the practical to the mysterious, from the personal to the universal, from freeing ourselves from self-obsession to understanding God’s intention for our world and our lives.

Religion without Conscience

A great tragedy is happening today in the name of religion—cruelty, punishment, war, genocide. Of course this has happened before, but it […]

Escaping the Jungle of Confusion

The big city is often referred to as a jungle, an asphalt jungle. But there is another jungle that is far more […]

The Sea Level Prophecy

Greetings, and may the presence of God be with you and may you be with this presence. Today I’m here to provide […]

What Just Happened?

Reed Summers: Welcome. My name is Reed Summers. I am joined today with Patricia Summers and the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, for […]

Being a “Greater Community” Person

 I would like to speak today about the importance of coming into contact with the greater aspect of yourself, the part […]

A New Chapter in the Human Experience

We are entering a new chapter of the human journey and experience on Earth and it will be rigorous, but it will […]

Spiritual Preparation for the Difficult Times Ahead

The great change that is coming to the world has everything to do with our spirituality. Our spiritual nature, our spiritual purpose […]

Freedom From Self Obsession

It is so important that every person can begin to escape self-obsession because truly our lives are about serving things bigger than […]

Finding the Essence of Religion

To understand God’s New Revelation for the world, it is important to look at what religion really is and what it is […]

We Must Restore Our Earthly Home

You must take care of the Earth. It has been given to you to sustain you, a beautiful world, a gem in […]