How to be wise

So, let us talk about experiencing moments of Wisdom. This is possible for you. This is not beyond your reach. When I say Wisdom is being with Knowledge, what I mean is that Wisdom is abiding with a Spiritual Presence and sharing in its perception and understanding of life. People are afraid of Wisdom or are ambivalent about it because they are afraid that they will want to change, not that something will change them. When you are with Wisdom, you are perceiving something of greater magnitude in life. You are waiting for that spark of truth that runs like a current through humanity, and you are opening yourself so that it may run through you, so that you may conduct it and be a terminal for its expression.

The experience of Wisdom is far beyond any pleasure that you might try to acquire for yourself in the world. It supersedes your normal range of needs. It is ecstatic. It is energizing like great electricity. It is deep and penetrating. It dispels fear. It takes you beyond the ambivalence that permeates normal thinking. It is life changing indeed, even if it is experienced momentarily, because it creates such a contrast. You know now what is possible. It is possible to have this experience! And you will come back to it.

Sometimes people have an experience of Wisdom, and it is so different. It creates such contrast and brings up such issues and questions that they seek to avoid it. They may say, “Well, it was a magnificent experience, but I don’t think I want to have it again.” But in time they will come back because it is natural to do that and because they will realize that all they are seeking in their other endeavors can be attained or fulfilled in this state of mind.

The experience of Wisdom is profound. But it can be confusing because it creates a tremendous contrast. Here you realize that who you thought you were perhaps isn’t who you really are. What you thought the world is perhaps isn’t what the world really is. This calls for a tremendous re-evaluation. Often, people do not want to undertake this. It is too uncomfortable. They would rather be secure in their current assumptions, associations and beliefs. Yet, they will, in time, come back to this, for once the great door is open a crack, you will want to open it further. You will return because it is natural for you to do so. It is the yearning of the heart rather than the anxieties of the mind that will bring you back to open the great door a little further. You want to see. You want to know. You want to be secure. You want to feel included. You want to have purpose, meaning and direction. This brings you back to Knowledge and to the experience of Wisdom, which is being with Knowledge in the world.

So, what is the experience of Wisdom like? It is so great I can only describe it in its various aspects. No definition in words can contain it, and any words which might be used would seem so magnanimous that you would perhaps think, “Nothing could be that good. Nothing could be that wonderful.” But, indeed, it is. When you are experiencing Wisdom, you are like an empty vessel through which a great power or current can flow. The mind, then, instead of being filled with its own complexities, becomes, in a sense, empty. Here you become far more observant and aware of your surroundings because your mind is free to do this rather than being embroiled in its own wants and confusion. Here there is great potency because your mind can be completely focused, and it will naturally do this. Here you enter into present time because you are not living in anxiety about the future or trying to reconcile the past, which of course cannot be reconciled.

When you are in present time and your mind is being completely focused, you will have tremendous insight. Here you can penetrate the reality of things. Here you are not seeking for answers as much as you are seeking for experience. Here you are able to exercise real stillness, which allows the mind to concentrate, and the mind will concentrate because this is one of its natural functions. Here you will be able to be with each situation as a participant and an observer. You will feel a timeless quality as if you had known this state before, but it has been so long. You won’t know who you are or where you are, but you will know that you are in the correct place.

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