sex and sexuality

Human sexuality is a potent force, and it is an appropriate one for certain people within certain circumstances. It is something that is greatly misunderstood, something around which much misunderstanding has been cast, something that must be clarified if you are to begin the great journey of discovering Knowledge, the deeper Intelligence that the Creator of all life has given you, and if you are to follow this Knowledge and to learn to express it and to render its gifts into the world, which is your purpose.

Sexuality really is something very simple to understand. It represents both a biological need and a need for union with another. However, it must be seen within its correct context and for its true purpose to be understood.

First of all, it is important to realize that sexuality is not necessary for everyone. Your sexual impulses are really not physical in nature. They represent the deeper needs of the mind, which can be fulfilled in other ways. This has been understood over the centuries, of course, by certain individuals within every faith tradition.

But again, the pure Messages that God has sent into the world have been obscured, their boundaries lost—overlaid now with interpretation, with culture and with the dictates of governments to such a point where it can become very difficult to ascertain the true meaning of God’s original Messages and the essential practices that they require.

Everyone will feel the need for union. Everyone will feel what could be experienced as a sexual drive or desire. But the origins of this are deeper than the physical mechanism of your body and can be expressed in many different ways, not only through sexual union with another.

Next, it is essential that you realize that sexuality has only two purposes. It is to experience union with one whom you are truly aligned with, one that you have committed yourself to, one who represents a true partner for you in life. And secondarily, it is to produce offspring.

This definition should be clearly understood. It is not ambiguous. It is really not open for exceptions. If you get creative with the truth, the truth will abide with you no longer. And you will be left with your creations, but not with the truth itself.

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