concentrated minds

There are Forces of Dissonance from beyond the world that are visiting the world. They are not coming here on your behalf. They are adept in certain ways at manipulating the mental environment. To affect and influence the behavior and the recognition of those whom they might encounter, particularly if they wish to study the thinking, behavior or biology of their subjects, they will use these skills to whatever extent they feel it is possible. There are increasing numbers of individuals who have been affected by these Forces directly, and they are deeply disturbed and distressed by the encounters that they have had, if they are aware of them at all. They wonder how their memory could be so suspended, how their evaluations could be so blotted out and how their recollections can seem so vague. Think, then, of the idea of hypnosis and remember that a more concentrated mind will by nature have a greater impact on a weaker mind than the weaker mind can have on the more concentrated mind.

Therefore, understand that human beings are being studied, even examined, by Forces of Dissonance from beyond the world. This is unfortunate because humanity is ill prepared for this. Yet, it does hold certain opportunities for development if the situation can be clearly understood. Competition can engender creativity, responsibility, resourcefulness and self-determination. You are competing in your mental environment now with intelligent forces from beyond the world. This is a fact; you cannot avoid it. It would be foolish to deny it or pretend that it is not occurring. This, then, is a form of competition. You are competing for control of your world; you are competing for control of your own life; you are competing for who in the future will dominate the world. Does this sound too grave? Does this sound too foreboding or too ominous to consider? Perhaps at first it might seem like this, but if you think about it carefully and are willing to consider it further, you will see that this is the kind of involvement that humanity needs in order to generate harmony within the human family and to create a greater focus and incentive for learning. That is not to say the Forces of Dissonance are intentionally helping you by their interference in human affairs, but it is to say that the situation does offer some extremely important opportunities and incentives for development.

You cannot change the events that are occurring, but you can interpret them wisely and learn to use them to your advantage. To do this, you must reconsider where you stand in life, what you have accomplished and what you have not accomplished. You must consider the impact of your own thinking and consider as well the environments in which you place yourself, either intentionally or inadvertently. This creates greater self-awareness, discernment and conscientiousness—all of which are necessary if you are to progress as a human being.

Consider this: If you come in proximity to a force from the Greater Community, you will begin to react very strongly. Usually people feel a tremendous sense of avoidance, a desire to leave, to get away, to find refuge. There is often a tremendous sense of anxiety. This is a normal response, but other responses are possible depending upon the temperament and nature of the person involved. There are places in the world where people do not want to go. They feel uncomfortable there. There are places in nature that people pass by or avoid intentionally. They feel uncomfortable there. This is not to say that all these places contain Greater Community influences, but you can see how easy it is for those from the Greater Community to establish themselves in the world and to be relatively free of human scrutiny. So powerful can manipulation of the mental environment be here that even the curious or the adventuresome can easily be dissuaded.

Until individuals gain an objective overview of their experience, which they can only do with Knowledge as their counsel, guide and foundation, they will be influenced. They will follow their own feelings and will be governed by the predominant ideas that they hold. Ideas can be injected into other minds. Feelings can be motivated by certain kinds of stimulation. Human beings are not so terribly complex that these things cannot be planned and executed with great intention and effectiveness. People will not know why they are responding the way they are. Perhaps they will give themselves reasons, but having reasons does not mean that one understands the situation or the influences at hand.

If people are unstable psychologically, they will become more unstable around a Greater Community influence. They can even be driven to insanity. This is not because the Greater Community influence seeks to make them so. It is simply that when you are around a more powerful mind, it will accentuate your present state. In other words, you will become more extreme in your own behavior. This is one of the reasons why the man and woman of Knowledge must remain hidden from the world and must be very judicious about whom they encounter and what they communicate because they will have a great impact on everyone they meet. The unwise will become more unwise around them, and those seeking Wisdom will become wiser, for the more concentrated mind will accentuate the present state of every other mind that it comes in contact with. That is one reason why the Wise withdraw. This is very necessary.

Our emphasis here is to reinforce your understanding that you live in a mental environment and that you are subject to influences within that environment. Influences from the Greater Community are present here. They are not everywhere, but they are in certain places and their numbers are not small. Not only are they having an influence on human thinking and behavior, they are using human thinking and behavior, testing it, experimenting with it, learning how it functions and practicing in its manipulation. This is occurring, like it or not, accept it or not. It is occurring. It is better to accept it, to face it and to learn how to counteract it and to affect it yourself, for if you do not affect it, it will in time affect you increasingly.

There are some people in the world who have such a strong Greater Community background that they feel the influence of Greater Community forces, even those forces that are far away and not in their immediate proximity. They react emotionally to these things and they cannot account for their own experiences. They say to themselves, “My God! Why am I feeling the way I am feeling?” Perhaps they have unexplained feelings of dread or anxiety that cannot be explained in terms of their current circumstances. Sometimes these people blame themselves greatly for these experiences and try to repress them or escape from them. Others blame society at large or the political climate in which they live, but still they cannot account for their range of experience. This certainly does not happen with every person, but with certain people it is quite pronounced. These people will need to learn The Greater Community Way of Knowledge if they are to gain access to the source of their own experience.

To learn the source of your experience, you must learn the influences that are stimulating it, affecting it and in some cases even generating it. You must learn to engage with the environment responsibly and consciously. This means you recognize the nature and the effects of your own thinking and learn to discern those influences that are affecting you directly. To a certain extent, you can control your exposure to influences in the mental environment. And certainly as your skill and awareness grow, you will become more effective in this. This is a requirement for education.

There have always been problems in the mental environment with human beings because their mental and spiritual lives are not united. But there are greater problems now because of the Greater Community presence in the world. These problems can generate important solutions, but they are problems that are very difficult for people to recognize and to accept. Let us give you this idea to consider: The Forces of Dissonance in the world, which by the way are not the only Greater Community forces in the world, are able to move about quite effectively without human recognition in many cases, not because they are invisible, not because they are spiritual forces—they are physical forces—but because they can influence the mind that perceives them. How can this be, you ask? Well, if a more concentrated mind wills or wishes that the less concentrated not recognize it, then in most cases the person with the weaker mind will not recognize the presence of the more concentrated mind.

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