Other Intelligent Life in the Universe is a Reality

Interaction with other intelligent life that does not share human motivations, human morals or human sentiments will have a very great impact.

Who is visiting you? You have allies, you have observers and you have enemies. Your enemies are not what you usually consider to be an enemy, for they do not wish to conquer you directly; they only wish to use you for their own designs, which, in effect, will conquer you. They know about the mental environment, and that is why they are so effective in controlling people’s experiences, or at least in limiting people’s awareness.

We have provided Steps to Knowledge in order that people might develop their experience and understanding of the mental environment. Not only does this further people spiritually and provide the foundation for them to lead more fulfilling and more rewarding lives, it also gives them first-hand experience in the mental environment, for here you must have development, and here you must make progress in order to engage with other intelligent life in the Greater Community.

Remember that other intelligent life has made the journey to the world, so clearly they are superior in their technological achievements. Also, they must deal with other races in the Greater Community to a certain extent, and so they have become very clever in their understanding of the mental environment, or the realm of thought. The more objective human beings can become regarding themselves and their environment, the greater will be their ability to discern and eventually to control the mental environment in which they live. This is not meant to be used as a weapon, but it can be very important in terms of defense.

Some of the more lurid accounts of extraterrestrial encounters clearly point to the fact that the mental environment is being largely controlled by them. People are mystified as to how others could have this impact upon them, how they could be so manipulated and how they could be so helpless in the presence of another intelligence. Clearly, human beings interacting with one another need only have very limited development in terms of the mental environment. People are still very much engaged in brute force and subterfuge with one another. The greater, yet more subtle, mechanism by which human thought can be directed has not yet been discovered by human beings. Human beings are still very primitive in this regard, using force, intimidation or various forms of emotional persuasion. Yet, these are very gross and fundamental. Beyond them lies a greater range of involvement in the mental environment.

Here human ethics will play an important part in human development, but the proper skills must be developed as well. That is why people must study the preparation that we have provided. Many people think that this preparation is basically a form of healing therapy, a form of medicine for their disturbed past. Others think that it is a pathway to God. The truth is that Steps to Knowledge serves in both of these capacities. Yet, it serves in another capacity as well. It begins to prepare people to understand the mental environment. This is necessary for you to be able to successfully encounter extraterrestrial life—other forms of intelligence—to counteract those forces that do not hold good intentions for humanity, to be able to utilize the assistance of those who do, and to be able to tell the difference. This requires a well-trained and prepared mind, a superior form of intelligence, which human beings are capable of achieving under the right circumstances and with the proper assistance.

The fact that Knowledge is present in each person is the essential factor. Yet, Knowledge alone is not enough; a person’s personal mind must be cultivated and developed to become a vehicle for Knowledge, and a person’s attributes and qualities must be cultivated as well. Otherwise, Knowledge is still only a potential. Knowledge is speaking to people all the time, but they cannot hear it. It takes a great deal of development on the personal level in order for Knowledge to have true efficacy.

Therefore, we are most emphatic in encouraging you to engage in the development of Knowledge according to the methods that are being provided. Do not alter these methods in any way. You must simply accept them, use them and practice them to the very best of your ability. If you alter them, they lose their effectiveness. The error here is that people think that they understand what Steps to Knowledge is for. It is either seen as a form of psychotherapy or as a spiritual path alone. Any spiritual path contains elements of psychotherapy, and anything that is truly therapeutic engages people in their spiritual life. Yet, we present this curriculum at a very important time. We present it, and this Teaching as well, to prepare human beings to engage with other intelligent life successfully. To do this, you must be developed spiritually and have attained greater understanding and abilities.

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