only god knows how to prepare you

Only God knows how to prepare you for what is to come. Only God knows how to prepare you for the realities of life in the universe, which you will now have to face because of the Intervention that is occurring in this world. Only God knows what humanity will have to do and to change and to establish to acquire real stability and security in a changing world.

You yourself cannot figure all this out. No one can. There will have to be a thousand solutions brought to bear. But even here, where will people find the strength, the commitment, the wisdom and the courage to change what must be changed, to establish a new unity within the human family, to assure the distribution of needed resources and to avoid the great temptation of conflict and war?

Only God knows. But God has placed Knowledge within each person. So there is a possibility that Knowledge may be stimulated sufficiently that people will act in their own best interests.

You have created a set of problems over time through humanity’s abuse and misuse of the world that now are bringing with them great and grave consequences. The impact on your climate and environment is so significant that it could reduce significantly the world’s production of food. And the loss and the limitations of your energy resources could change and impact the lives of everyone in the world, especially in your rich nations. Do not think that your wealth will protect you now, for much of your wealth will evaporate and will be lost.

Your mind will contend against this, of course, but in your heart you know that great change is coming. This is speaking to the truth at a deeper level, beyond the level of human ideas, preferences and beliefs.

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