next decade will bring a new reality
You stand at the next decade—a decade of tumultuous change, a decade of evolution, evolutionary change, not just personal change, not just political change—evolutionary change. [It will] change the outcome for everyone. Succeed or fail, [this is a] pivotal time in human history, perhaps the most ever.

One nation will not succeed if other nations fail. You will have to unite in some kind of functional form to begin to tackle the great problems that you are facing now. Fail to do this, and the hour will become too late and calamity will grow.

We will not tell you what this will look like because you do not yet have the strength to hear it. But what We offer you is the way out of this greater dilemma, not because someone is going to come and rescue you, not because some foreign power is going to come and rescue you—the foreign power is your problem, not your solution—not because some great saint or sage is going to come and lead humanity out of its great predicament. It is a Calling for people all around the world to respond.

Be you of any religion, any nation, any culture, any station in life, be you man or woman, child or adolescent, this is a Calling to go far and wide. Who will take it far and wide? Who will honor the Messenger who has been sent into the world from the Angelic Assembly to bring it here at this great pivotal turning point?

This is a confrontation with reality We are giving you here today. Argue with it. Deny it. Pretend it is not so, and you will fail.

So who amongst you will succeed? Who amongst you will respond? Who amongst you will take a path of preparation not of your own making to face a world beyond your comprehension and beyond what you are used to?

This next decade will be very decisive. It will not be completely decisive, but it will be very decisive. If you continue in your current ways, with little change in direction, then the consequences upon the peoples of this world will be far greater than they are today, so great that even nations will not be able to handle the difficulties of their own populations, even in the rich countries.

At the beginning, you will be afraid. We understand. It is natural; it is normal. We are not expecting you to be all knowing and all powerful, but We are asking you to become responsible. You will have to move beyond your fear, and you will, if you proceed.

God has sent a preparation to engage with the power of Knowledge within yourself, presented in such a way that it can be translated throughout the world in the simplest possible terms, but with the greatest depth you can imagine—a preparation sent from God. That has never happened in the world before.

Preparations have been created and invented, but something direct from God? God would not respond unless the world and humanity were in great danger.

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