Reality of Life on Other Worlds

As a primitive race, you offered no threat or competition to your neighbors, and though your world was used as a depository for certain secret devices by various groups and frequently visited in order to gather plant and animal specimens for other worlds, it was not considered a meaningful location until very recently. A turning point came at the beginning of this century with the development of electricity and took another great step forward with the development of atomic power. These represent important milestones in the development of a civilization and, commensurate with this, stimulated greater interest from the Greater Community in the development of your world.

Though the world has been used as a depository and a laboratory for a very long time, there has been no serious intervention here since colonies were established many thousands of years ago. The human race was developed and advanced during this time with the infusion of genetic material from beyond, and this represented a great step forward in humanity’s evolution at that time. But since then there has been little or no intervention, with the exception of the introduction of religious symbols and hybrid individuals in order to advance the spiritual understanding of your race. These are not gods or angels but simply individuals who possessed greater understanding and greater intellectual powers. Their infrequent presence in the world is a sign that humanity has a relationship with the Greater Community, a relationship which you must now begin to recognize, accept and cultivate.

Spiritual development has been fostered and furthered here by foreign races so that your race, as it evolves, would have greater promise to be a productive and meaningful part of the Greater Community in the future. This is to counteract the animal nature in human beings so that your higher qualities may be stimulated and developed. Though this shows promise, the acceleration of your technology and its destructive applications, according to your old tribal mentality and your old tribal conflicts and wars, now pose a serious threat to your existence and create an alarm in the Greater Community. This alarm is not shared by all, and indeed many consider your development something of an opportunity rather than a concern only.

You see, in the Greater Community, particularly in this part of the galaxy, there are many alliances based upon trade and other mutual benefits. There are conflicts as well. It is necessary for you to understand this so that you will not think that everyone and everything revolves around the world you live in. This is an unfortunate remnant of a primitive idea. It is understandable, though, given your isolation in the world and minimal contact with other intelligent life. But it remains a prevailing idea and one that must be seriously challenged and weeded out of your consciousness, or you will have no possibility of understanding the motives or the abilities of those who are visiting the world now and who will visit in the future.

Because you live in a Greater Community reality rather than only in a human reality, the world is influenced by the Greater Community and will be so increasingly as time advances. Greater Community intervention in the world will increase because competing races are here both to safeguard themselves against the destruction of your environment, which they consider to be too valuable to destroy, and to engage in possible resource development and future alliances with humanity should you ever be able to form a world community. Until this community is formed, alliance with the world would not be practical. No foreign power wants to become involved in the intertribal warfare of a domestic race. There is no advantage to this.

There are several different interests which are represented by your visitors. They are not aligned with each other and in some cases are even in competition with each other. Yet, there is a general consensus, given the priorities of advancing races in the Greater Community, that your environment must be preserved even if your race destroys itself. You see, in the Greater Community, environment is considered more important than racial survival. Here you have a natural world with millions of species of plants and animals, a magnificent creation, the result of millions of years of development, all now at risk because of one selfish race that is spoiling the world out of ignorance and greed.

Many people are now becoming concerned for the environment because they are concerned about the future of the race, the future of the availability of resources, the future of the quality of life, and for some even the ability of the race to survive in a declining environment. This, of course, is very important and is born of a greater understanding. It is also important because you live in a Greater Community. Here you must realize that your world is a valuable part of the Greater Community and that it is considered amongst advancing races in the Greater Community that environments such as yours belong to everyone, even though certain races have a stewardship role that is honored.

What this means for you is that should you fail to join as a world community and should your environment be threatened past a point where its reclamation can be assured, then others will intervene, not to conquer you but to preserve the environment. That is why there is a great deal of study by your visitors now on plants and animals, in order to preserve both your race and the environment and to be able to participate in this environment should humanity fail.

Perhaps this seems frightening and too radical for you to consider, but it is the reality in which you live. It gives great impetus and importance to our emphasis on Knowledge and on contribution in the world. People are casual about these things because they do not see their relevance and importance. Many people are casual even about meeting the necessities of their lives because they do not consider the consequences of neglecting them. Many people are casual about their spirituality because they think it is an addendum to their other interests, goals and priorities. Yet, in reality this is not the case.

Your world is an evolving world. It is so considered by your neighbors and by your visitors from afar. Some are here to attempt to rescue things that were buried long ago because they are concerned that the environment of the world may be so compromised that in the future it may not be possible to rescue these things. Others are here to determine ways that they may introduce their genetic materials into the human race in order that the human race may, so to speak, take a quantum leap in its evolutionary development. And other interests are here to discern the possibility of your replacement should you fail. This is a real possibility, and given the events of the last forty years, it has become greater than ever. Because there is not yet a consensus amongst humanity to join together to meet its environmental and social needs, the risks have grown much greater. Therefore, Greater Community intervention in the world has increased dramatically and will continue to do so.

Some people think that these visitors are here to bring enlightenment to humanity. Others think that they are here to take over the world. And of course many people think there is no Greater Community visitation at all! Regardless of what people think and what they like to believe, you live in a Greater Community reality, and you are merging into this reality because you are becoming more involved with it every day. This is a product of your own development and the result of human error. It is also a product of the events and dynamics of Greater Community life.

In the Greater Community, the advancing race of any solar system is considered the master of that solar system and rarely will outside intervention occur. History has proven that the conquest of one race over another is too costly and too destructive. There are more subtle ways to influence nations, and in this, the development of skill in the mental environment has been the great emphasis for those who are interested in conquest and acquisition. Brute force is too destructive, requires too much effort and often produces unwanted results. This is a lesson that most advanced worlds have learned. There are more subtle forms of persuasion in the mental environment, and we have touched upon this in many of our discourses in this book. We have introduced the idea of the mental environment in its relevance to your life. Development in the mental environment and development in Greater Community Knowledge must come about and can only come about through diligent practice and preparation in Steps to Knowledge.

What we are introducing here is a larger perspective so that you can understand more completely the predicament of your world and the opportunities that are offered to you now. Understanding should precede action in order for action to be meaningful and wisely employed.

The Greater Community is with you now. You are learning about it. It is influencing your thoughts. It is influencing your images. It is influencing your art and your psychology. It is having an impact on your physical environment. Indeed, around the world individuals are encountering Greater Community intelligences who are either observing them or studying them for various purposes. Yet, because humanity’s focus is so diffused and distracted by small and meaningless things and because humanity cannot reach a consensus about even the most obvious things, these Greater Community interventions arouse minimal response, understanding and awareness.

The world here is quite unique in the development of its biology and the temperateness of its climate. This, of course, has been known for some time by races who have visited here. But because of its biological richness, it has been difficult for many races to settle here, because of the world’s specific atmospheric conditions and because of the presence of so many biological entities. When you consider that advanced races who are engaged actively in space travel generally live in sterile environments for most of their existence, to enter an environment with such biological diversity poses a tremendous hazard. Even many advanced races live underground where they are able to sterilize their environment and thus protect their populations from disease very effectively. So, as the world is rich and abundant in life, it is also a difficult environment to adapt to for these same reasons.

A great deal of study is being undertaken currently to understand the biological mechanisms here in order to prevent illness so that Greater Community individuals and groups of individuals can temporarily inhabit the world for their own purposes.

Humanity is at a very crucial turning point. It is in an adolescent stage of its development, adolescent in the respect that it is discovering greater technological powers but is lacking maturity, accountability and responsibility, which makes the discovery of these powers very hazardous indeed.

In the world, there is now the capability of not only poisoning the environment but destroying the human race. This is of grave concern to your neighbors, not that they value human existence particularly, but they value this environment. It is in their collective interest to maintain this environment, even if they cannot live within it. The human race, then, poses a threat to Greater Community interests, and given the ethics of Greater Community cooperation and understanding, it is allowable to displace a race that is threatening its own environment. This is admissible within this part of the Greater Community in which you live, which is in no way a remote part of the galaxy.

Another reason there has been limited Greater Community involvement in the world in the past is because other planets in your solar system are inhospitable, and mining and resource development have proven to be more costly than they are worth. Therefore, you have one inhabitable planet alone in a very large solar system. However, even as we speak, there are Greater Community establishments being built on other worlds in this solar system, mostly to observe the earth. Because of this, your visitors do not have to travel very far to reach the surface of your world, and so they can take their data and their specimens to their respective areas of study. Your solar system does afford many opportunities for this. But as a whole your solar system is quite limited in terms of Greater Community interests, with the exception of your planet.

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