Inspiration is a natural by-product of selfless activity. It affects other minds. It leaves its impressions and has its impact. You need to receive this inspiration at the outset, and later you will need to give it to reinforce its reality. Inspiration is a reminder that you are a part of a greater life and a greater purpose, that you are not simply a human being whose only concern is for survival and self-gratification. This reminder is important, for humanity is preoccupied with survival and gratification, and you may have to look far and wide indeed to find those who feel a greater calling and a greater impetus in life. Those who do not feel this, who do not have this experience and who are not moved by it cannot go with you on your journey no matter how much you care for them personally. No matter what their wonderful attributes may be, they cannot journey with you, and you must realize this and accept it, or they will either intentionally or inadvertently spoil your inspiration. They will become part of what holds you back rather than part of what inspires you.

To choose that which is inexplicable but necessary is an act of courage and personal integrity. This is inspiring. You can find examples of this if you look for them. You will find what you look for in the world. If you want security and self-gratification only, you will find these up to a point, though there is no real security without Knowledge, and self-gratification is not very gratifying no matter how much you give it to yourself.

It is correct to say that all inspiration comes from Knowledge, but since people do not know what Knowledge is, this is a difficult definition to accept and even more difficult to apply. Let us say for now that inspiration is a reminder. It is a reinforcement. It is a remembrance. It represents that greater truth of your life that is calling you to recognize it, to accept it and to embrace it. If you feel this, then you must go forward. Do not hold back. If this is moving your life, then move within it, not blindly but wisely, with your eyes open because you are a beginner in The Way of Knowledge.

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