How to adapt to changing circumstances

In considering the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and humanity’s encounter with intelligent life in the universe—the two great events of this era of human evolution—it is necessary to understand what one must do to adapt to these changing circumstances. For even if humanity musters a great effort to counteract the impact of a deteriorating environment; of a changing climate; of diminishing food, water and energy resources; and even if humanity were to gain a greater unity and cooperation in facing the reality that your world is being penetrated by forces from beyond, from the universe in which you live, you will still have to adapt to changing circumstances.

This adaptation then must be accepted, for if you think that technology or some kind of magic or government policy will be able to prevent this requirement for adaptation, you will be making a very serious mistake and will be denying yourselves the time necessary to prepare for a great change in your circumstances.

Indeed, what are you preparing for? You are preparing for a world that will experience grave shortages of food and water in certain areas, and overall will have to face diminishing resources concerning energy, and even very basic materials that you rely upon and that people everywhere rely upon. This is the consequence of humanity living beyond its means for so very long. It is as if the bill has come due after one has borrowed so heavily from your natural inheritance.

Many people today of course sense that deprivation will be coming and that things will have to change very dramatically. But often they do not see the scope of this, thinking that it can be remediated, thinking that it can be moderated by humanity’s efforts now. And of course these efforts are vital and necessary and should not be undermined for any reason.

But even so, great adaptation will be required. You will have to learn to live on far less. Unless you are impoverished and cannot feed yourself or house yourself adequately at this moment, you will have to use your resources much more carefully.

Of course, this will change your economy. It will change the appearance of life around you, as people now seek to fortify their own position with the very fundamentals of life and to build relationships not based upon hobbies or interests or consumer activities, but based upon deeper alliances that will be necessary for security, for cooperation and for the sharing and use of these resources.

The impact of this will be very great, and the adaptation will be difficult. Do not underestimate this. It will be greater than you now think. Yet has this not been recognizable, even from an earlier time? Could you not see that humanity would use up so much of the vital resources of the world, setting the world into a permanent state of decline, thinking that technology or innovation alone would be able to mitigate the results of this?

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