Eventually, all the religions of the world will have to reconsider their beliefs and positions regarding God in light of the Greater Community.

You must ask yourself, “What about God? Where does God stand in this larger panorama of life? And how is the reality of God different from how God is conceived of here on Earth?”

God of the Greater Community is the God of all who live in the Greater Community, not just the God of humanity—this one tiny race in just one small beautiful world, a world that is like a grain of sand on a beach that extends as far as the eye can see. God is the God of other beings, countless beings, countless races of beings very different from you in appearance, in awareness, in attitude and even in the nature of their intelligence. It is their God, too.

What God has created in them and in you is the power and the presence of Knowledge. That is what makes you united with all intelligent life in the universe. But God has also created the evolution that has created your unique physical vehicles—your body and your intellect. God has set into motion the forces that have established these as well.

This is a very different perspective than thinking that God is the God of one people, one race or one world. That is like a God of one tribe. And this must be a very small god. If you can imagine God of the entire Greater Community, the author of life everywhere, then you have to reconsider your ideas about God.

The great attraction to God is the same for all.Eventually, all the religions of the world will have to reconsider their beliefs and positions regarding God, in light of the Greater Community. This is one of the reasons that religions do not deal with this subject or have been very reluctant regarding it, for it will prove that their assumptions are incomplete or in many cases incorrect. This will require a complete revision of their beliefs and ideology. To think of God as preoccupied with human beings, that God has a plan of salvation just for human beings without including the rest of the universe, must be extremely incomplete. Here your ideas and notions of salvation may prove to be utterly incorrect.

If God is the author of all these other races, then where does humanity stand? People imagine a God based upon their own sense of identity—a God in their image, either a God that has the physical presence of a human being or at least a God that thinks along human lines, a God that has human values, human reason, human aspirations, human judgments—a God like you only much, much more powerful. Yet if God is the God of all these others, then how can one say that God thinks the way people think, that God has the values that people value or that God operates according to principles that people consider to be essential?

Here your whole notion of God becomes challenged and must be deeply reconsidered. In earlier times and even in the minds of many people today, there is only God, humanity and the world, as if the rest of the universe were just scenery for this great drama happening here on Earth and that everything is about humanity and God and this world, about Heaven and Hell for humanity and this world. But in the Greater Community, none of this can be sustained.

Where does humanity stand in relation to other nations, other civilizations, in the estimation of God? Is humanity still important in the universe? Or is humanity just one of countless races that have emerged through the process of evolution in a vast and seemingly impersonal universe?

God of the Greater Community cannot be preoccupied with one race alone. God of the universe cannot manage the affairs or the events of one race alone. To presume that God is governing events in the world is to think of humanity living in isolation. God is too intelligent to have to manage all of your affairs and events. That is why the process of evolution has been set in motion. That is why the laws of nature were set in motion. That is why the entire process of life in the physical reality, as you are now learning to discern it, has been set into motion, so that God does not have to manage everything. The events of your life are either the outcome of the intentions of you or someone else or of simply random motions.

God is like the great attraction calling everyone to return. God has placed Knowledge within all sentient life, which provides a unique plan of fulfillment and redemption for each specific race according to their nature and circumstances. There is a Plan of salvation for every race, and each is slightly different even though the great attraction to God is the same. The Plan of salvation must be beyond human estimation if it is to have such a universal application. Said in the simplest manner, it is that the separated are reclaimed through Knowledge, and Knowledge leads them to fulfill their lives through contribution to others and to the resolution of conflict.

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