the forces of good in the universe

The third group [of extraterrestrial aliens] is here for very different purposes. They are a small contingency of individuals who are monitoring the presence of the Forces of Dissonance, for they have come to monitor this presence. They, too, are learning about humanity, but for a very different purpose. They wish for humanity to thrive and to progress. They are driven by a greater incentive. They have spiritual alliances that are serving them. They are not here for commerce; they are not here for conquest or manipulation; they are not here to learn about you for their own self-defense. They are here to cultivate humanity’s education, to support humanity without direct interference. They, too, are studying individuals, for they must learn not only your psychology, but your physiology as well. They are providing education. They are stimulating certain individuals who have the real potential to receive a Greater Community understanding. They are supporting the introduction of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. They are wise enough not to interfere with you directly, and they maintain their surveillance in such a way that their physical presence is not made manifest.

Overall, this group represents the Forces of Good for humanity. In your own vernacular, they could be called “the good guys.” They are more advanced than your neighbors who are studying you. In fact, they are also studying your neighbors. They are studying everyone here to learn about the condition of humanity and to learn how you are going to respond to the Greater Community. They are in contact with several individuals around the world, attempting to cultivate a greater spiritual knowledge and understanding. They are establishing relationships with these individuals in the mental environment. This does not mean that these people are aware that they are in relationship or that they necessarily accept the relationship. It just means that the relationship is already there and that should these individuals accept it and learn to participate in a conscious and responsible manner, they will be the beneficiaries of a greater Wisdom.

This third group is very concerned that the Forces of Dissonance not discover the secrets of this world. We are not speaking of the secrets of humanity here because humanity does not have many secrets. We are speaking of the secrets of the world—what has been put into this world, what has been kept in this world for a long, long time, far longer than human civilization. They are here to protect these things. They do not want humans to discover them either, for humanity is not ready to wield great power, and they do not want them to be discovered by any other alien force.

Their presence, then, overall, is to protect humanity and to protect the secrets of the world. Perhaps this seems incomprehensible to you. This is only because you hold a viewpoint that is so limited it does not account for other intelligent life. There is a general assumption amongst people that their world is the center of the universe, that it is a place that is isolated from everything else because of vast distances, and that it has come into being with human society. But the world has been here far longer than human civilization, far longer than human beings have been here. Much has transpired in your world. This world has been considered a valuable place to visit, to conduct experiments and to develop the depositories where secret things could be kept hidden from the Greater Community.

Now, there is another influence here—a spiritual influence, a spiritual group, if you will. They hold you to be very, very promising though still quite adolescent in your development. Their commitment is for you to learn The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, to enable your sense of spirituality and your spiritual traditions to evolve into a larger arena of life and be applicable there, in order to give you a more universal sense of the Greater Power in life and to engender the cultivation of intelligence, responsibility and cooperation. These are the three fundamental pillars upon which any race or society must develop and advance. This group is not here to protect you; they are here to educate you and to lift you up. They are working in an alliance with the Forces of Good that I have just described. Their viewpoint of you is very commensurate with the Forces of Good, though their comprehension of you is greater. The Forces of Good consider you to be fascinating, childlike, irresponsible, mentally weak, foolish, predisposed to do things for ridiculous reasons, yet nonetheless worthy of their assistance and support. They are particularly impressed by your ability to love and to be devoted, to whatever extent this has been developed.

You are a race that has developed in isolation. You are unique in this respect in that you have not been tampered with by the Greater Community until very recently. The Forces of Good are particularly impressed by many of your religions, particularly those that emphasize the development of virtue in the individual, for these are values that they hold dear as well. They are a highly cultured group of individuals, representing several races that are working in cooperation for a particular mission here.

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