God’s New Revelation opens the doors to a universe of intelligent life, providing perspective, insight and understanding never available before.

The human family does not realize its vulnerability to this Greater Community nor its relationship with this Greater Community.

Living in isolation for so very long, your whole notion of yourself, your notion of Creation and the Divine, are very much associated with this one world alone. And yet so many people in the world today have roots in the Greater Community, for much of their previous experience [occurred] there before coming into this world, in this life.

It is like you are an isolated tribe never discovered by the outer world, not knowing the greater powers that exist around you and completely unprepared for the day that your existence would be discovered from the outside.

But of course, humanity has been broadcasting out into space, quite foolishly of course, and so your presence is well known to your neighbors and to other groups who are watching the world with great interest.

For some, you have been studied for a very long time. While they might find your deeper nature incomprehensible, your outer behavior can be easily discerned and is quite predictable.

You are standing at the threshold of an entirely different reality, a non-human universe—a universe where human values and aspirations are not universally shared, a universe where your existence and where your importance are of little or no consequence, except to those races who either seek to support human freedom in the world or those races who seek to take it from you.

The Greater Community will alter how you see yourself, how nations here interact with one another and the whole priority of humanity. Its impact can be extremely beneficial if you can understand it correctly.

For it is the Greater Community that will finally persuade your nations to cooperate, to unite for the preservation of the world and the protection of the human family.