Does Evil exist?

Accepting the reality of evil in life may at first seem oppressive and life negating, yet this is not meant to be. The man and woman of Knowledge do not view the Forces of Dissonance in this way. They see these Forces as being simply part of the condition of life in which the world exists.

You have come into the world to make a contribution. Conflict and opposition are among the conditions that must be recognized and accepted. For unless the problem can be recognized and accepted, how can the solution be discerned and applied?

Therefore, one of the first steps in the reclamation of Knowledge is learning to recognize the problem that exists, to see the world as it is, to see yourself as you are and to discern the forces that are influencing human thinking and behavior. Indeed, there are forces that are good, and there are forces that work against the good. It is very difficult for people to deal with this reality objectively because there is so much fear and negative imagination concerning it.

However, it would not be accurate to say that there is a war between God and the forces against God. This is not the case at all. The physical universe is simply a place where God has been denied. The cumulative effect of this denial is what could be called evil. Evil is not born of one individual who generates all evil. Evil is born of the desire for separation and disassociation based upon fear, hostility and guilt. This has a cumulative effect in the world because the world is both a physical and a mental environment.

Does evil exist?Evil exists in the realm of the mind and expresses itself in the realm of the body. It does not exist in the realm of Being or God. It represents profound confusion of mind, and it must be recognized as an operative force in the world. It is a force that you can feel in certain places more than others. It is operating more in certain individuals than in others. Evil is a force. Those whom it governs completely become an expression of evil even though their nature is still Divine. They are in opposition to life, the evolution of life and their own Knowledge.

It is rare that you will find individuals who are given to this force and who serve it wholeheartedly. Yet everyone is influenced by this force to some degree, and everyone must contend with it. You cannot contend with this force through denial or by calling it another name. You cannot contend with it by thinking it is merely a result of your troubled past or that it only exists in the realm of your psychological difficulties. To think of it like this may give you a temporary sense of power and control, but this is a grave error because it will lead you to underestimate the power of this force in the world and its potential influence over you.

You must accept evil as a condition of physical life. It is something you must contend with. Its many influences and seductions are something you must become aware of and deal with objectively and with sobriety. This objectivity can only come from Knowledge. Knowledge is not threatened by the presence of evil; it merely seeks to deal with it in a constructive manner.

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