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Marshall has been interviewed dozens of times by media outlets in North America and Europe. His message of a warning, blessing and the gift of preparation to successfully meet the challenge of entering a Greater Community of life in the universe resonates with forward thinking people who can see the bigger picture of the planet and their lives.

Mysterious Radio Interview by K-Town

April 23rd, 2018|

Thank you for joining me tonight on Mysterious Radio. I am your host, K-Town. And tonight we’re going to be chatting with Marshall Vian Summers about his contact with beings outside of our planet concerning [...]

The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee by talkRadio

March 31st, 2018|

Iain Lee: For me radio is all about stories, and that story can be that you’ve crashed your car today or it can be that the world’s going to end, and everything in between. [...]

Fade to Black with Jimmy Church Interviews Marshall Vian Summers: UFO Disclosure

March 28th, 2018|

Jimmy Church: Marshall Summers—he's been immersed in the religious experience for the past 35 years. This has resulted in his receiving a vast body of writings about the nature of human spirituality and humanity's [...]

Alien Life and God: NewsTalk 1010 Ireland Interview

January 15th, 2018|

Newstalk Ireland talks with Prophet and Messenger Marshall Vian Summers about "Life in the Universe," the newest text of the New Message from God.  

The Great Waves Prophecy Interview with Marshall Vian Summers

September 20th, 2017|

Marshall, you present what you call the Great Waves prophecy. Could you tell us what this prophecy is and where it comes from? Marshall: The Great Waves prophecy has been gifted to us from the [...]

Protected: Preparing for Contact with Extraterrestrial Life

August 22nd, 2014|

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Walking with Spirit by Monique Chapman

January 16th, 2013|

Marshall Summers is a visionary world teacher who has spent the last 28 years bringing Greater Community Knowledge, Wisdom and participation to people around the world. Translated in over 15 languages, Marshall’s message has become [...]

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes

January 10th, 2013|

A highly controversial show with “modern day prophet” Marshall Vian Summers from his base in Colorado – He believes he has received vital new messages for Mankind from God – His views have been [...]

God Discussion Interview with Sheri Lawson

October 30th, 2012|

Sheri: I’m very, very excited to have as my very first guest, Marshall Vian Summers, whose latest book, Life in the Universe, was just published. Just to give you a little background on Marshall, [...]

Ethical Contact and the Alien Agenda

May 19th, 2012|

Our future and our destiny are in space within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. That’s where we’re heading; that’s where we must go. We’re not going to go there through our [...]

The Alien Agenda: Project Camelot Interview with Marshall Vian Summers

October 15th, 2011|

Marshall: OK, well, my name is Marshall Vian Summers, and I am presenting what I believe to be an important what I call a Greater Community awareness understanding about the people of Earth and our [...]

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