Spirituality Teachings

Follow What You Know You Must Do

Marshall Vian Summers speaks on following what you know you must do without waiting for guidance, as part of the great practice [...]

Follow What You Know You Must Do2019-04-26T17:11:39-07:00

Skills to Re-employ the Mind

Marshall Vian Summers speaks about the development of skills that utilize the mind to respond to the world and face conflict, being [...]

Skills to Re-employ the Mind2019-04-26T16:53:18-07:00

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?

Religion has become a palliative. It has become a distraction more than an illumination. It has become something that people use [...]

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?2019-04-16T17:46:10-07:00

What is Your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is not a greater individual. It is part of the fabric and matrix of life operating in time [...]

What is Your Higher Self?2019-04-16T17:52:28-07:00

Wisdom Forgotten is Wisdom Lost

As we stand at the end of the year now, I encourage everyone to do a year-end review for yourself, tracking [...]

Wisdom Forgotten is Wisdom Lost2018-12-31T19:53:21-07:00