Spirituality Teachings

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?

Religion has become a palliative. It has become a distraction more than an illumination. It has become something that people use [...]

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?2019-04-16T17:46:10+00:00

What is Your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is not a greater individual. It is part of the fabric and matrix of life operating in time [...]

What is Your Higher Self?2019-04-16T17:52:28+00:00

Wisdom Forgotten is Wisdom Lost

As we stand at the end of the year now, I encourage everyone to do a year-end review for yourself, tracking [...]

Wisdom Forgotten is Wisdom Lost2018-12-31T19:53:21+00:00

Facing Suffering

Any true religious and spiritual pathway begins with suffering and is clarified by suffering. To begin this pathway, one must honestly face their own suffering without blaming others.

Facing Suffering2018-12-23T19:32:59+00:00

The Great Coordination: Following the Invisible Light

Marshall spoke live to the Worldwide Community of the New Message on December 8, 2018: "The New Message is meant to speak to people a hundred years from now and 500 years from now. It's not just for our time and at this moment..."

The Great Coordination: Following the Invisible Light2018-12-19T18:10:04+00:00

Will I Find My True Partner?

People often ask, "Will I find a true partner for myself?" This is a very common and understandable question. "Will I have true companionship?" It is possible, but first you must seek something more important, for true companionship arises out of your purpose in life.

Will I Find My True Partner?2018-12-15T22:51:31+00:00