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The Danger of New Age Thinking

You know, a lot of New Age thinking is very much from the [alien] Intervention. The idea that everything happens for a [...]

The Danger of New Age Thinking2019-07-30T20:15:43-07:00

Humanity Must Oppose Aliens on Earth

Look at the history of intervention in our world. What happened to the native peoples who could not see or discern who was coming over the horizon in their tall ships?

Humanity Must Oppose Aliens on Earth2019-07-11T01:29:36-07:00

Enlightenment is not a Gift from ET Contact

Many people want to feel that the universe is a better place, that with technology comes enlightenment, higher ethics, higher standards. But we know from our experience here on Earth that is not the case at all.

Enlightenment is not a Gift from ET Contact2019-07-03T18:49:37-07:00

The Truth About Conspiracies

I see conspiracy going into another level of generalization blindly denying the validity of governments and leaders and human institutions. I think this is very dangerous and unfortunate because...

The Truth About Conspiracies2019-03-12T23:40:10-07:00

What about Ancient Aliens?

The Earth has been visited, watched and studied for a very long time. These visitations have been from a number of [...]

What about Ancient Aliens?2019-02-02T04:24:00-07:00

Military Forces in Outer Space

Intelligent life in the universe has learned that war between worlds is destructive. It is literally prevented from occurring. This tempers [...]

Military Forces in Outer Space2019-02-15T17:07:00-07:00