The Return to Heaven

The return to Heaven is such a different life, a different way of being than what you are accustomed to—and so much [...]

The Return to Heaven2019-06-24T16:13:03-07:00

Your Primary Relationship with God

You have a primary relationship with God, and you experience this relationship primarily through the deeper Intelligence that God has placed [...]

Your Primary Relationship with God2019-05-25T17:06:19-07:00

Humanity, Hear My Words

Humanity, hear My words. We speak of a greater reality — a greater truth that lives within each person, a greater truth [...]

Humanity, Hear My Words2018-10-12T17:02:29-07:00

God of the Greater Community

Eventually, all the religions of the world will have to reconsider their beliefs and positions regarding God in light of the [...]

God of the Greater Community2019-05-12T22:54:58-07:00