Your Soul’s Journey

The soul’s needs can only be met by your discovering and fulfilling your greater purpose here. Since your intellect cannot figure [...]

Your Soul’s Journey2019-02-21T03:52:48+00:00

Humanity, Hear My Words

Humanity, hear My words. We speak of a greater reality — a greater truth that lives within each person, a greater truth [...]

Humanity, Hear My Words2018-10-12T17:02:29+00:00

Entering the Greater Community

God’s New Revelation opens the doors to a universe of intelligent life, providing perspective, insight and understanding never available before. The [...]

Entering the Greater Community2018-04-15T18:06:11+00:00

God of the Greater Community

Eventually, all the religions of the world will have to reconsider their beliefs and positions regarding God in light of the [...]

God of the Greater Community2018-04-07T01:03:19+00:00

Who Are the Allies of Humanity?

Humanity is not alone in the universe, for the universe you will encounter is full of intelligent life. Living in a [...]

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