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Have You Made Mistakes in Life?

Do not cast away any aspect of yourself or of your life but bring it into meaningful engagement. In this way, [...]

Have You Made Mistakes in Life?2019-06-22T18:27:27-07:00

The Three Stages of Knowing

Said very simply, and this is an oversimplification, but there are three stages of knowing. One is recognizing the sign or the impulse. The sign may be on the outside; the impulse may be on the inside. You recognize something that really stands out; it’s not ordinary. It’s not your usual thing to recognize.

The Three Stages of Knowing2019-05-13T23:45:40-07:00

What is Sacred?

It is time now to speak of the Sacred—what is truly sacred, what must be revered, what must be recognized—and to [...]

What is Sacred?2019-05-12T18:12:36-07:00

Significant Anxiety Is a Sign

Before great events happen, there are signs. There is build up. Even if it is an earthquake, and it cannot be [...]

Significant Anxiety Is a Sign2019-05-08T20:43:13-07:00

Mindfulness: Time is of the Essence

The next is regarding the things that are really important, time is of the essence. It is really important. In fact, the New Message says that time is nothing to God, but everything to you—the time that you have

Mindfulness: Time is of the Essence2019-05-13T23:43:41-07:00

We Live Life at Two Different Levels

We live life in the world as a worldly person trying to survive here, trying to function here, trying to navigate changing [...]

We Live Life at Two Different Levels2019-04-30T00:44:49-07:00

Follow What You Know You Must Do

Marshall Vian Summers speaks on following what you know you must do without waiting for guidance, as part of the great practice [...]

Follow What You Know You Must Do2019-04-26T17:11:39-07:00

Skills to Re-employ the Mind

Marshall Vian Summers speaks about the development of skills that utilize the mind to respond to the world and face conflict, being [...]

Skills to Re-employ the Mind2019-04-26T16:53:18-07:00

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?

Religion has become a palliative. It has become a distraction more than an illumination. It has become something that people use [...]

What Does Religion Really Ask of You?2019-04-16T17:46:10-07:00